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Business website traffic

When it comes to promoting your website, what options do you have?

The website promotion strategies available these days are mind boggling.Traffic sources

Firstly it is worth understanding what the results are you want and then how those results are derived. Then we can look at what options there are for you.

Lets take a look!

Google (the biggest search engine) still generates about 65% of the traffic to websites so it’s worth getting that part right.

The one thing that most people seem to be scared of. “If I do all this work promoting my business online, won’t Google just come along and change things making all that work useless” They have done that in the past.

The answer to this is, Yes they have done it in the past but the only people who were adversely effected were those who were trying to short cut the system.

Understanding what the search engines want

Search engines are continually looking to provide their users with the best most relevant information on the net for a given search term.

They have a complex system for working this out but the bottom line is

that when they work out what your content is all about, they give it a ranking.

When the results show up on a search page they do so according to the rank given.

Search engines enemy

The natural enemy to great search results is SEO (Search Engine Osteopathy) or SEM (Search Engine Manipulation)

This is when smart marketers try to trick the search engine by exploiting the flaws in the algorithm. This typically shows up as automated tools which at the click of a button will give you a thousand back links to your website for a give keyword.

The natural tendency of most time strapped business owners is to find the “quickest way to achieve a result” Knowing this you can now steer clear of the mass production of

  • content
  • links
  • recommendations
  • facebook likes
  • and anything else that lands in your inbox.

What the Search Engines Want

They way I see it is that search engines want the trust of users to be able provide the best most relevant information available. Similar to getting a recommendation from a trusted friend.

This is why they are continually changing the way they view the content on websites and how well it answers the questions people ask.

Then there is non search engine traffic

This is all the places other than search engines where people consume information.

  • youtube
  • social media
  • articles
  • audio/podcasts
  • PDF documents
  • Magcasts
  • webinars

and the list goes on.

Content marketed in these areas can and do have a very stabilizing effect on your website. Once you are drawing on the traffic from a number of areas, you are less likely to suffer negative effects show one of them change anything.

This concept is known as Own the Racecourse. A concept developed by James Schramko. The whole guts of it is that you become the authority in your market by dominating many platforms at once, using your own asset (your website).

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