Understanding Cpanel

How to use Cpanel from hosting account

Better Understanding Cpanel

The back end of your website is where a lot of the set up is done, understanding Cpanel will make it easier for you to get the most from your website account.

You can add email accounts, check the statistics of your site and access the files which contain all your website content.

This video explains how to get in to Cpanel and some of the basic functions of it.

Here we are at the login panel for your control panel.

0:09 Cpanel Login Screen
0:53 Cpanel Icons
1:25 Latest visitor to the site
1.32 How to find website statistics in Cpanel
2:30 How to set up an email address
In the next video we will look at setting up WordPress on you website.
Originally you were sent a sheet with your username and password for your hosting account control panel. Entre those into the login panel.
In the control panel you can

  • set up email accounts
  • view statistics of your website usage
  • access files on the server
  • load content management systems on to your account.

There are many other thing you can do but for the average user this is enough to get you going.

Setup and email account.

In the control panel go to > email accounts here is where your type in the account name, in this case I want to set up an account called Russ at authority block dot com.  All the password generator to give us a password, select create account and that it it’s done.  At any time you can go in and change the password or in an account quota.

How to set up email account in cpanel
Having an email account from the website that you are operating, makes you look much more professional end users tend to trust an email address that is linked to a website.


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