What to Say when Social Networking

Social networking

A Recent Conversation

I recently had an email conversation with a real estate agent. It came about by way of a post he made on the social networking site Linked In and it was about a unit he had for sale. The Linked in groups are for people looking to gain insights and share there experiences so the group can benefit.


I was interested to see if this strategy was to help sell the unit or some other reason.

You see I have a belief, that knowing your customers needs and communicating to them specifically is far more effective than spreading your sales message as far and wide as possible.

When I read the post I thought, “here we go, just another person trying to flog me something”

The response from my question was interesting, it was “well every little bit helps”.

Knowing who you are speaking to

I guess I am just a curious type and was interested to see if this type of promotion to a professional group helps or otherwise.

I wasn’t sure the group was interested in seeing an agents listing. I certainly wasn’t and didn’t join the group for that. I would have much rather seen some behind the scenes knowledge on what the market was doing rather than being sold to.

I know that sometime we run out of things to say but does that mean we should just say anything?

Being a home owner, buyer and seller. The most helpful information my agent could have given me would have been

  • What did I need to do to prepare my house for sale
  • what prospective buyers we looking for in a house (standards of finish etc.)
  • What was the best sales process to use
  • What my house was really worth
  • What prospective purchasers thought it was worth
  • How long it would take to sell
  • What price I would have to put on it if I wanted out quickly

What to say

People have different reasons for joining various social networks.

If you want to get engagement, liking and sharing of your comments and advise then write really good quality content and give plenty of value to them.

Find out what the group is talking about and then add high quality information about the given subject.

How to say itSocial networking

It not only what you say but how you say it. What I mean is, people consume content in all sorts of ways.

  • Visually by video
  • Text for those who want to read it
  • Audio for those wishing to listen
  • Pictures for those who just want to get the main ideas.

So try to keep in mind who you will be reaching with your social media communications and use them to draw people back to your main site by having really good information, relevant to the group you are speaking to.Social networking audio


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