The Right Customer Traffic

Social Media marketing Strategy

The Value of Targeted Customers

Imagine, when the phone rings or you receive an email that it is coming from your ideal customer. You know, the right customer who doesn’t try to screw you over on price and is more than helpful when trying to organise delivery.

They simply say, when are you available to come around?

I thought that was all a dream or some sort of internet marketing spin, but when I set up this system on one of the small business websites I own, I couldn’t believe the turn around. It went from fielding heaps of inquiry about the service to people ringing to see when some one was available to see them.


Amazing results

Now people literally call to ask when there is available time to go and see them.

The number of phone calls has reduced but the conversions have gone through the roof. So now the guys aren’t wasting time on phones selling they are only talking to people who want them to do the job.

The other reality is that this business is less reliant on Google for the customers to find it, people are finding it from all sorts of areas because that’s where the are looking so we make sure we get our message in front of them.

How often have we heard business owners say, “we have spent thousands of $$$$ on SEO and received heaps of new traffic but it’s all from Brazil” or some other irrelevant place. Or it might be for the wrong keywords.

The results are showing that this site is getting

  • more visitors
  • spending longer on the site and
  • moving to find out the contact information before they leave the site.

The System to get the Right Customer

Generating traffic to a website is the first step in running a successful online business. Generating the right traffic is where the money is.

“Why pan for gold in a creek bed when you can go to the Mint”

There are 3 main legs to getting the right customers

  1. Having a user friendly (and search engine friendly) Website
  2. Engaging and relevant content
  3. Diverse and targeted distribution channels for this contentSocial Media marketing Strategy

When this is done properly there is no need for specialist SEO because just the function of distributing the content properly will take care of that.

When the right content, being delivered in different formats (ie. video, text, audio etc) you are providing the same information in different formats so you will be reaching more people. Does that make sense?