Local Online Marketing

Business website promotion

How to Target Your Local Area Online Local Businesses have a some issues when they try to market themselves online! The notion of only targeting a very specific location seems to be limiting your ability to attract new customers. The facts are that you actually increase your chances of getting more customers. I read an […]

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On Page SEO

Business Website promotion and online marketing

How to get your Blog Post Noticed Make a point of standing out in the crowd. You often hear the gurus say you need to SEO your webpages (otherwise known as ON page SEO) so the search engines will pick them up and index them. What that really means is, the search engine need to […]

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Content Straight to the Point

Content which is related to the topic

Create Content which is Focused Some people spend too much time mucking around with FLUFF, you know the kind of waffle that is used to fill in the gaps. We recently went to Indonesia for a family holiday and whilst walking around the streets, or maybe it was in a taxi but anyway. We saw […]

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How to Target Customers

Your Ideal Customer Who is your Ideal Customer and how do you reach your target customers? This is probably the most crucial question you can ask yourself now days. It’s worth doing the exercise of sitting down and asking the question. ” If I could choose the customers I want to work with, what would […]

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3 Hot tips for Online Business Promotion

Online Business Promotion seems to be getting harder? Here are 3 main areas you can focus on to keep your business at the forefront of your customers search results.   Content Consumer Content Consumption Habits Stay Away from Automated SEO tools   What’s changing with Online Marketing? – Content Use original content that talks to […]

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Mobile Websites

How Mobile is changing everything Mobile is changing the way people do all sorts of things. From the information we receive to the way we get places. These days many people never use a street directory, they just look it up on a smartphone app or find a mobile website. Often we get our entertainment […]

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