Website Promotion Services

Website Promotion Services

Why should you be interested in website promotion services? Very simply, to generate sales leads. The reason you look for someone else to do it for you is because you don’t have time!

Your website is often the first contact many people have with your business so it needs to be doing a few different things for you.

  1. Targeting the right kind of customer
  2. providing exactly the kind of information they are searching for (they must benefit from visiting your site)
  3. have a very clear call to action for each page they visit.
Daily Traffic graph

Number of visitors to the website

The main reason for any kind of marketing is to get your business seen, the internet is no different. Statistics say that if you’re in 1st place in the search results page, you will get approx 42.8% of the visiting traffic.


The 2 ways of promoting your business website is either SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

SEO is the natural or organic progression of popularity of your business, like word of mouth sales for off line business

There are 2 variations of the term “SEO – Search Engine Optimization”

On page – Not only does your web pages need to make good sense to people reading them, the structure of the content on your website must make sense to a computer or more specifically an “algorithm” . What that means is that your site must be consistently relevant to the search term an be able to be seen that way. Because a computer is checking for this consistence and relevance, there are some specific site structures they require to make their research more accurate. If you don’t have those structures your site suffers in ranking position as a result.

Off Page – factors are still based on relevance and consistency but is judged by how many other people (websites) think that your information is relevant to their search. So the number of site that link to yours and the strength or ranking of those sites.

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SEM is paid marketing, where you buy advertising space eg. Google adwords pay per click campaigns. When managed correctly they are not only a very powerful way of generating leads FAST but provide valuable market intelligence  for you SEO marketing.

Both play important roles in the Lead Generation system which is essential for the success of your business but must be used in the right sequence and in conjunction with each other to get the best out of your online marketing.

The amount of effort needed to have your pages rank highly in the search engine results page, depends on the number of key phrases, your resources, your time frame and your budget.

What is the right approach for your business?

We have packages to suite any requirement your company has.

  • Strategic SEO Market Leader
  • Strategic SEO Professional
  • Strategic SEO Total Domination

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Even if you have something out of the ordinary in mind, we can customize an SEO package for you.