More Customers fewer Phone Calls

less calls more sales

There are many businesses who want to keep their process a secret

Why I ask?

For years I thought that keeping your process to yourself was the best way to go. I thought that if I put it out there on a website that others would steal my process and I would loosing more customers than I won.

What happened was, more customers, we were getting a lot of phone calls from people just wanting to find out what we did, just doing some research. So I decided to put all the info up there to help them with their research.

More Customers fewer Phone calls

Now we get less phone calls and more people who want to book us in.on page seo equals less calls more sales

My recent experience is that telling  people exactly what is done and how, potential customers become more engaged so now the result is that they ring for a booking and not “just checking around”.

Most of their questions have been answered and all they want to do is to verify what they have read, satisfy themselves that we are not wierdos  and book an appointment.

This saves heaps of time explaining the process on every phone call and now I continue to get more visitors to the site and more business as a result.

The key to this is proper on page SEO

  •  having the right set up – your website is structured so all the information required by your potential customer is easily found (this includes the proper SEO tags etc.)
  • ensuring the conversions are as I expect – monitoring the site statistic

In previous articles we have discussed page set up, going back over the basics on page SEO might be useful.

Added Benefit

A  great bonus is a higher ranking on the Search Engines which means more visitors.

The result is a page 1 position 2, 3 and 5 ranking for the top 3 keywords in this niche and position 7 for another related keyword. This means about 75 extra jobs in the past 6 months to this business just from the website. Just getting 2 or 3 extra jobs per months would be great for a lot of businesses.


As usual if you are busy running your business and would like us to do this for you please just contact us about our done for you service.



Owner and marketer for small to medium businesses in both the private and public sectors. I was totally frustrated with the information I was reading about how to be successful at marketing websites. I was about to give up when I discovered the secret to engaging visitors and tapping into what triggers them into buying. I am now sharing this information as well as the new trends which help drive more traffic to my websites.