Mobile Websites

How Mobile is changing everything

Mobile is changing the way people do all sorts of things. From the information we receive to the way we get places. These days many people never use a street directory, they just look it up on a smartphone app or find a mobile website.

Often we get our entertainment from it and even read the news while drinking the coffee we have ordered via it.

As a business owner it pays to be aware of this trending behavior as it isn’t just a fad, it is here to stay.

Why is mobile here to stay?

Simple, it makes life easier for us so people will automatically gravitate towards it.The up take of mobile usage for search has been nothing short of amazing.

Google has released this video to show just how excited they are about it.

They have spent millions building the operating systems for the android Phones (pretty much any phone that isn’t Apple)

I know from my own websites, the local business sites are being found on Mobile around 25% of the time. This compares with the non geographical businesses which is around 10%.

Local Businesses need Mobile websites.

This makes sense, if you have a local business and you don’t have a mobile website then you are potentially missing business which your competitors will be taking from you.

Stay tuned for more information which can help your business


Owner and marketer for small to medium businesses in both the private and public sectors. I was totally frustrated with the information I was reading about how to be successful at marketing websites. I was about to give up when I discovered the secret to engaging visitors and tapping into what triggers them into buying. I am now sharing this information as well as the new trends which help drive more traffic to my websites.