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How to Target Your Local Area Online

Local Businesses have a some issues when they try to market themselves online!Local business online marketing

The notion of only targeting a very specific location seems to be limiting your ability to attract new customers. The facts are that you actually increase your chances of getting more customers.

I read an article recently where Google now claim that 20% of all searches now contain a location in them. While only 43% of small businesses (4 employees or less) have some sort of web presence.

Red Alert for small businesses

This means that if you are running a small business you will be overlooked by at least 20% of people searching for your service and your competition with a good presence will get the job.

As well as that the use of mobile devices like smart phones, for searching out local services are increasing rapidly. One local  business we work with in the pest control industry that has 41% of the unique visits per month are from mobile devices.

Local Online Marketing

It’s ok saying all this but what does it mean and how can businesses take advantage of this local online marketing?

Think of it in the old terms, word of mouth was generally only for those well established businesses that everyone new around the region. Those businesses built up a reputation and people knew the proprietor personally.

The same process applies online.

  1. Mixing in places where your potential clients frequent,
  2. attract them to your information and
  3. providing them with a great online experience is the first step,
  4. providing exceptional service when you do the job and

Search engines are actually leaning more towards local search, so setting up your business locally is essential. Google have ” Places for Business”¬† and Bing have “Business Portal

This will get you started with local identification of your business.

Provide Information that benefits your customers

Dominating your local area online requires a much better understanding of you local area and the people in it.

Then providing the information your potential customers are looking for and continuing to be that source so that you become the obvious choice when they actually take the next step to purchase.

In the next post we will explore more about places you can list your local business online.

See you then




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