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Do you run a localĀ  business serving a defined group of suburbs or geographical area? This is often the case for many Realtors, pest control companies, carpet cleaners, coffee shops, lawn mower companies in fact many companies large and small have a local service area. Many franchise businesses are very locally drive.

Recently I heard a statistic saying that approx 1 in 3 searches have some sort of location word in the search term.

What this means is that for every 30 hundred people searching, 10 of them are looking for your service in your location.

Having location indicators on your website is a very wise step indeed.

In recent times Google have been placing more and more relevance on Local Businesses. Many other businesses are becoming more local than they once were. So rather than trying to have your website reach as many people as you possible can right across the nation, they now target a very specific geographic location.

Why Target Geographic Locations?

Local Business can benefit greatly from this

  1. It is generally easier to get your website to the top for your areaLocal Business Marketing
  2. The information on your site is often more relevant (which Google love)
  3. You have the opportunity to build a reputation locally where it can be harder to do nationally
  4. It is easier to expand a popular business website than to start one from scratch

How to Set up your Business for Local Search

  • Ensure your website is pointing to the country (Google webmaster tools) you wish to target (so it shows up on the right search engine)
  • Have a page dedicated to your location –
    • on it have your address and contact details including Postal Code
    • make sure your phone number has the area code
  • Set up location listings with Google Places
  • With any video or image on your site make sure you reference your location in your Title or Alt text
  • In your page content you make reference to your service area and location
  • Blog posts can also be about local features that your business attends to or local sponsorships you may be involved in.




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