Lead Generation

Sustainable Lead Generation Marketing

When you have a business, the most important activity you can do is marketing or lead generation.

Having the best products or services in the world, doesn’t mean a thing if no one knows about it.

We all need to make sales/profit and the first part of making sales is to generate inquiry or otherwise known as leads.

How well do you know your clients?

We are all experts in our fields or at least we would like to think so. Just being an expert doesn’t generate leads though, what it does is put you in a position to be able to sell to people. Understanding how your product solves your customers problems helps you sell to them.

Using the internet provides great advantages when it comes to generating leads. It allows the tracking of what people are searching for. Because you know your clients you have a good head start to find out what they are looking for and the answers to their questions.

How to Generate Leads Online?

This is the question that most business owners want answered and I bet you have asked this question as well. Well in short it is the same as how you do it off line.

You have a way to

  • Tell people what you can do for them
  • Show them how they will be better off when you do it
  • Get them to contact you to talk about their specific needs

All you need to do is to convert that same process into a system you can monitor online. For this you will need a

  1. Strategy – who, what, when and why
  2. Platform – website, social media, etc. suitable for your market niche
  3. Way to build your list of potential customers – automated email list
  4. Process for converting these people into paying customers
  5. Delivery system to provide your product or service
  6. Customer experience second to none.

The combination of these is your lead generation system. A system that you can analyze and improve, to stay up to date and increase the effectiveness continually.