How to Generate Business Leads

Decline in the size of yellow pages

The $100,000 mistake.

When a business undertakes to get their website upgraded, unless they know the current best practices of how to generate business leads they run the risk of making some very costly mistakes. Getting someone to build a website and thinking you will immediately start making money is the first mistake. Recently we saw a company that went to get a website built by someone far away only to have 10 months pass by and it still not be up and running the resultant lose of profit so far amounts to $100,000 and climbing.

The 3 most important considerations

When you are looking to generate business leads there are some critical considerations.

  1. Who should you be targeting
  2. What are they worth to you over a lifetime
  3. How much would you invest to get that business

Understanding what the customer is worth to your business gives you a clearer idea of the budget you can invest with for marketing.

What’s the Point?

It is fair to say that pretty much everything we do in business is pointed towards generating profit, without it there is no business.

So why is it then that some or in fact many businesses have no real system for attracting, converting and nurturing business customers to buy more of their products or services.

A lot are doing

  • advertising of some descriptionThe way to generate business leads have changed
  • promotions
  • catalogs
  • sponsorship etc.

and numerous other activities to get more business, but what is working and what should you do more of.

How do you know what to do?

Thankfully the old days of “just having to be in the yellow pages, because everyone else is” are long gone.

Internet marketing gives you the ability to track and measure every activity you do. You can even use it to measure the success or otherwise of offline campaigns to. It gives you valuable feedback so you can continually monitor and adjust your campaigns if required. Thus eliminating the activities that don’t work and do more of what does.

You can have systems of customer feedback which guides you into the future.

If you’re not using the internet to market your business then you are at a distinct disadvantage to your competitors.

Marketing your business on the internet

Many people have all sorts of ideas about what this means. The real meaning is that your are distributing information about your product or service for potential customers to discover, you reach out to them by promoting your information in various forms from paid campaigns to free listings and even offline methods if appropriate.

There is then a process for a successful online marketing system

  1. Content is created (content)
  2. Distributed around the internet (content promotion)
  3. site visitors opt in to your compelling offer (conversion)
  4. You nurture the relationship (conversion)
  5. They trust you enough to buy from you (Conversion)
  6. You are measuring every step of the way the performance (analysis)
  7. Improvements are made and the same is done again (improve)

All the time you are monitoring and testing alternatives which may work better.

It’s not just SEO

Too many people believe that the way to get more customers is to go to some cheap foreign country and get someone to do SEO for them.

This is not a good idea because

  1. Firstly Google keep catching up to these people and frown upon those who try to manipulate the system.
  2. Just chasing keywords doesn’t convert into profits
  3. SEO is usually just targeted at getting your website good rankings in Google, what about the rest of the internet where people are searching

What’s the answer?

To generate business leads it’s best to

  • Take a strategic approach looking at who you are targeting specifically and what is their biggest problems you can solve.
  • Learning where they are looking for information and get in front of them.
  • Implement the rest of the plan to build a sustainable business.

Using the internet gives you the ability to reach these people and start to build the kind of relationships needed for them to trust you enough to pay for your services or products. The most valuable aspect of using the internet is that you can monitor and measure everything you do. This gives you a huge advantage when it comes to seeing if your marketing investment is giving the ROI you require.

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Owner and marketer for small to medium businesses in both the private and public sectors. I was totally frustrated with the information I was reading about how to be successful at marketing websites. I was about to give up when I discovered the secret to engaging visitors and tapping into what triggers them into buying. I am now sharing this information as well as the new trends which help drive more traffic to my websites.