Customer Engagement

Engaging customers is critical

Why is Customer Engagement so Important

If you had a showroom and allowed people to walk in and out without ever saying hello, how may I help? What percentage of those people would actually walk up to you? Very very few.

In the online world, just having a website doesn’t mean you will get customers.

There’s a number of factors,

  • first they have to find your site
  • then have them consume your information
  • then build enough rapport for them to call you

Then and only then will you get a chance to talk to them and use your awesome knowledge and sales skEngaging customers is criticalills.

If you get any of those previous points wrong, a visitor will land on your site (maybe) and leave and you will never know.

When you compare the number of people who visit websites and then the number of interactions, it’s obvious that there are huge percentage, in fact it’s about 92% of people who visit the website will then leaving without taking any action.

This differs from the websites Bounce rate which is an indication of a disconnect between what someone expects to see when they land on a page and what they actually see. They usually leave within 3 seconds and thus it’s recorded as a bounced visit to the website.

92% of people leaving your website without even reading anything should be a major concern for any business owner. The BIG issue is that don’t even know it. You need to start engaging people.




Owner and marketer for small to medium businesses in both the private and public sectors. I was totally frustrated with the information I was reading about how to be successful at marketing websites. I was about to give up when I discovered the secret to engaging visitors and tapping into what triggers them into buying. I am now sharing this information as well as the new trends which help drive more traffic to my websites.