How to use Analytics to give you the Edge

High ranking analytics results

Why use Analytics

I was recently checking the analytics for a local service business website I own.

The thing that stood out was in this case was that Phone numbers in the title

  • 45% of the site visitors were using mobile devices

This is a large percentage, with some further investigation I discovered that most people who do use mobile devices don’t actually get onto the website. They just get the search results up on the page and ring the first site they come to with a phone number in the title.

If your business marketing is all about getting people to ring your business then this tip could get you more calls.


Owner and marketer for small to medium businesses in both the private and public sectors. I was totally frustrated with the information I was reading about how to be successful at marketing websites. I was about to give up when I discovered the secret to engaging visitors and tapping into what triggers them into buying. I am now sharing this information as well as the new trends which help drive more traffic to my websites.