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Strategic Online Marketing – Become the Authority

Read about us and how we have experienced the frustrations and applied the learnings to get through the mine field of confusion surrounding online marketing to now be reaping the rewards.

Why become the authority?

My name is Russ Francis and I was like most business owners with their websites. I had one and it did nothing for me as far as generating new business and I wondered why I had it in the first place.

I had heard that you could generate leads from websites but hadn’t seen any thing that resembled an income producing lead plus I was consistently being inundated with emails and phone calls saying how they can get this website onto the 1st page of Google…….Blah Blah Blah

I didn’t want to be on the 1st page of Google if it didn’t generate any new business for me, I had heard the stories of people getting heaps of traffic but none of it turned into any income.

So I decided to learn what this was all about for myself. Having a computer corporate background I thought it couldn’t have been that hard. I also wanted to verify the claims all these emails were making.

So I went out and learnt it for my self and continue to learn as times change.

After applying what I learned, my website went from page 3 to the top of page 1 and consistently at in the top 5 organic ranking for multiple key phrases but the best thing is that almost half the traffic comes from sources other than Google and I have a conversion rate of about 90% of all phone calls I receive.

I was even asked to do a radio interview because they saw me as the authority in that market, that was pretty cool.

I have been able to replicate what I have done and systemised the process I used.

Now I am offering this to other business owner.

So if you want to unlock the the potential of your knowledge and get more of the customers you need then fill in the contact us form and lets see how we can make you the Authority in your market place.